Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Custom Sport Jersey Print

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Custom Sport Jersey Print 
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Every detail is important in the field of custom sports jersey printing. Whether you’re outfitting a major sports team, preparing for a local league, or planning a sports event.  One crucial decision makes all the difference. This selection influences comfort, durability and on-field performance. In this blog, we discuss the process of selecting the right fabric for your custom sports jerseys. 

Understanding the Fabric Option 

Before we dive into the specifics of selecting the right fabric for your custom sports jerseys, let’s familiarise yourselves with the primary fabric possibilities available. Each fabric type possesses unique characteristics and properties that can significantly influence your jersey’s performance & appearance.  


Polyester is a common fabric for sports jerseys. It’s celebrated for its durability, great moisture-wicking properties, and ability to showcase eye-catching designs. This fabric’s appeal isn’t limited to its performance benefits, and it also offers design & modification possibilities. The moisture-wicking feature of polyester fabric is especially important for athletes, and it helps sweat effectively. This feature keeps players comfortable and dry during intense physical activities.   

Cotton Blends for Comfort  

Cotton blends have long been valued for their softness and natural feel on the skin. These materials provide an unmatched level of comfort and making them an attractive option for a variety of sports. Wearing a cotton-blend jersey is frequently regarded as comfortable and familiar. It’s a sensation that many athletes like particularly during practises or informal games. Furthermore, cotton blends are recognized for their breathability and moisture-absorbing capabilities, helping to keep players comfortable during less intense activities.  


Choosing the right fabric involves balancing performance. While some fabrics improve moisture control & athletic performance and others are chosen for visual appeal. Striking this balance is critical to ensuring that your team not only looks amazing but also performs well. If you’re choosing between performance think about the particular requirements of your team. Fabrics with excellent moisture management and durability such as polyester or mesh may be required for high-intensity sports. Cotton blends may be preferred for their comfort and aesthetic attributes in activities that require less physical activity or emphasise style & look.  

Factors to Consider  

In order to make an informed decision on the fabric for your custom sports jerseys, consider the following factors   

Sport and Activity Type: Different sports and activities require different fabric properties. A soccer club benefits from moisture-wicking polyester jerseys, while a casual kickball league might prefer the comfort of cotton blends.  

Climate and Weather Conditions:  It is important to consider the temperature and weather conditions When selecting a fabric for your team. Mesh jerseys are ideal for hot and humid areas with their higher permeability while polyester can help to keep athletes dry in unpredictable weather.   

Comfort and Fit Preferences: Everyone has different comfort and fit preferences. Some athletes prefer a tighter fit, while others prefer a looser fit. Cotton blends are frequently selected for their comfort due to their natural flexibility and softness.   

Printability and Color Vibrancy: The fabric you choose can significantly impact the quality and vibrancy of your custom prints. It’s crucial to understand the connection between fabric and printing technique. For example, Polyester is well-suited for sublimation printing, which results in vibrant and long-lasting colours.  

Sustainable Fabric Options  

Sustainability is an important priority for many people and organisations in today’s environment. There are eco-friendly fabric choices manufactured from recycled materials that contribute to a better earth for people who are strongly committed to sustainability. These sustainable fabrics offer a way to outfit your team while reducing the environmental footprint of your sportswear. Sustainable fabric options can include materials like recycled polyester or organic cotton. Selecting these materials not only shows your commitment to the environment but it also helps your team or business stand out to consumers who care about the environment.  

Customization and Printing Consideration 

It is important to understand how fabric selection affects the printing process when producing personalised sports jerseys. Different fabrics have varying levels of compatibility with various printing techniques, such as screen printing, heat transfer, and sublimation. The fabric you choose can significantly impact the quality and durability of your custom prints.  

Screen Printing: Screen printing is a common process for creating personalised sports jerseys, especially when vibrant colours and precise graphics are desired. Polyester is an excellent choice for screen printing due to its smooth surface and ability to hold ink efficiently.  

Heat Transfer: Heat transfer is another common method for custom jersey printing. It involves transferring a design onto the fabric by using heat and pressure. The choice of fabric is essential in heat transfer as some materials may not adhere as effectively as others. Polyester and cotton blends are often suitable choices for heat transfer.  

Sublimation Printing: Sublimation printing is ideal for polyester jerseys. This process involves infusing the ink directly into the fabric’s fibers resulting in long-lasting and vibrant colours. Polyester’s moisture-wicking properties make it a perfect canvas for sublimation prints.  

Choosing the right fabric for your custom sports jerseys is a decision that carries substantial weight. Taking into consideration the factors explained in this detailed guide and gaining a clear understand of the unique characteristics of each fabric type. You can ensure that your team not only looks exceptional but also performs at their absolute best both in terms of comfort and on-field success. 

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